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Flat solar collectors or vacuum tubes collectors

The use of solar panels with vacuum tubes for water heating is more efficient than with flat collectors, because the vacuum tubes have an almost ideal thermal insulation, and reach higher temperatures.

Flat Solar Modules

Flat solar panels for water heating and showers

Solar panels
Solar water heating
Solar energy kits for hot water

The Kits of Termosifon systems come complete for the installation of hot water in family houses.

Each kit includes the vacuum tube collector, the hot water storage tank, the support, and accessories.
Solar thermal systems for hotel hot water

Hotels, resorts and hospitals have a higher demand for hot water. Solar systems are ideal for lowering costs.
Pool heating with solar panels

The use of solar energy to heat swimming pools is very efficient, because only thermal collectors and accessories are required.
Solar pool water circulation pumps

Pumping systems with solar panels. Lorentz photovoltaic pumps have high efficiency and cover costs in swimming pool circulation.
solar hot water tanks ACS

The solar tanks have internal exchangers (coils) to separate the liquid circuit of the solar collectors from the sanitary hot water.

Hot water circulation pumps (110 V AC)

Pumping systems with public electric power, AC alternating current. There are a variety of pumps for hot water.
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Air conditioning of environments with thermal panels

The air conditioning of environments with solar energy is very attractive. There are temperature control systems using thermal solar energy to raise the temperature with heat, to lower with conditioned air, to dry products, etc.
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Ritter Solar Colectores Solares
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Renewable Energy South America
Renewable Energy South America
Renewable Energy South America
Renewable Energy South America
Renewable Energy South America
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Renewable Energy South America
Renewable Energy South America
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Renewable Energy South America
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Ritter Solar Colectores Solares
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Renewable Energy South America
Renewable Energy South America
Solar heating systems with vacuum tubes and parabolic mirrors Ritter Solar concentrators
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Renewable Energy South America
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